Dermatology for Animals

Welcome to the Dermatology for Animals website.

Dermatology for Animals was established in Brisbane in 1999 to provide specialised patient care in dermatology in any species.  All of our staff have received advanced training and continue to undertake further education on a regular basis. We are committed to providing the best in patient care.

There are hundreds of different diseases recognised to affect the skin of animals.  Unfortunately the skin can only react in a limited number of ways; making many of these diseases appear very similar. Often there are only subtle differences in the clinical appearance, history or response to treatment allowing these diseases to be differentiated.  Our dermatologists and veterinarians have all received advanced training in their field and are able to identify these differences and formulate the most direct and cost effective diagnostic investigation.

We remain current on new research and developments by attending conferences both internationally and in Australia, are actively involved in research projects and have access to the world's journals through our association with the University of Queensland.  Whilst the majority of the practice is concerned with diseases in dogs and cats we also see equine, exotic and wildlife cases.